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what are true love

What is true love there 3 signs you should understand? Every person knows a different definition of love.
Some people think that being with someone is love and for some, being unable to live without someone is love, for some people talking to them and missing them in their absence is love, and for some people, caring for someone in love but in reality, all these things do not love. If you get a feeling of “wow” when you see someone for the first time, it’s just that you liked them, they’re attractive and good-looking.

if they were not good-looking you would’ve ignored them for sure. Whenever we fall for someone for their looks, it’s not love, it’s just attraction which is very temporary, you can get very temporary, you can attract anyone, in fact, everyone, but you won’t start loving everyone, would you? Actually, you don’t have to start doing love, you don’t have to do it, it happens, and this feeling starts growing in you.

That’s not love too when you start forcing someone to be with you, or you just want to snatch them away. You’re being selfish at this point because you’re thinking only about yourself, not about the feeling of that person.
So what exactly love is? Attraction? No, attachment? No ways? Love is when you’re with someone else, it’s your part, which you’ve finally found you see your reflection in that person. Love is the purest feeling in the world. People start defining love, but in reality, it doesn’t have a single definition, it’s purposeless Love is that which happens to you first, and when it happens to someone else.

That person is a piece of your soul, which you start loving more and more each day. Wanting to be with someone isn’t love. Wanting their stability is love, and praying for them to be successful in your is love. It’s your destiny if they end up being with you or not you respect them in love.

what are true love

Accepting them the way they are is love you support them, and even then, you feel happy when you see them growing in life, achieving new heights. We name temporary feelings, love and by naming them, we degrade love. This has become a trend that people just want to leave that place where someone is talking about love. And are having a really bad experience in love and relationship these days. People have learned to play and sometimes destiny. Plays
With the love birds. But this is life, people cross our paths, and teach us one thing or another, they give sweet or another, they give sweet and salty memories and leave at one point in life.

There are some signs of true love

1. He is ready to sacrifice for your happiness.

 what are true love

The first and foremost thing that someone who loves you will give you? He/she give you love, care, and respect. When a person loves you, doing everything for you that will make you happy.

  • He/she will always be ready for you to sacrifice for your happiness.
  • He/she wants to be around you. He/she tries to make you happy in many ways love doesn’t teach a man to force.

3. He/she Respects you.

what are true love

The person in front respects you when you talk with him or even when you talk to him, he will respect your reply.it is not like he will not speak on everything, but one thing happens. If a person loves you, then he will do everything within his/her limits. He will respect you in everything you like and dislike when someone loves you he will respect you very much.

3. She/he supports you.

what are true love

We talk in normal life use terms but support is such a thing. What you don’t normally get, you’ll get randomly from anyone. The person who is talking to you when you feel or think, then this person is the support in every situation. He/ she motivates you and .support you to move forward in whatever you do in life. I am there for you.I am always there for you. This is the nature of human beings, so that support system has been made for you. Even if you’re not giving he’s still supporting you. Then really loves back.

All you have to do is, don’t get distracted from your path whatever your goal is just, focus on achieving it, whatever you desire, just fulfill it. Don’t be much negative about love, it’s a great feeling, and I really wish that you get your true love one day.